Land Surveys

Spaceco, Inc. is a full-service land surveying firm. Working with public and private sector clients throughout the Midwest.

Land Surveying



For more than 35 years, SPACECO surveyors have been providing professional services to clients throughout the Midwest. Our staff takes pride in using their vast experience in concert with the latest technology to provide each client with our value-driven services tailored to their specific needs.

  • ALTA/Boundary Survey
  • Plats of Ssion & Consolidation
  • Topographic Survey
  • Building & Permit Staking
  • Easement & Annexation Plats
  • Construction Layout Staking
  • Record Drawing
  • GIS Data Collection
  • Utility Atlas Preparation/Inventory
  • Plat of Highways
  • Automated Hydrographic Surveying

Accurate Land Surveys

From single lot surveys to complex, multi-phase subdivisions and condominiums, our staff has broad knowledge and experience to complete your residential surveying needs.
From the initial boundary and topographic survey to the final Land Title Survey for conveyance, our team can help you see your commercial goals through to completion.
The industrial and logistics development market requires specific knowledge and our experienced personnel customize each survey task to fit the customer's needs. We help to minimize the time necessary to see your site to completion.