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SPACECO has jumped head first into the fast moving world of aerial surveying, using a fleet of drones to capture 3D data on a range of sites. SPACECO has been expanding our use of drones to supplement our Surveying Department, and save our clients time and money.  Unique data outputs such as high-resolution geo-referenced aerial imagery, 3D surface models, and 360 degree panoramic images combine to save time in the field, and deliver a unique surveying product.

SPACECO has experienced FAA Certified Remote Pilots on staff, with nearly a decade of experience in the UAS and aerial surveying field.

  • Video: 4K (4096×2160 pixels)
  • Single Photo: 20 Megapixels
  • Orthomosaic Aerial Photo: 2cm/pixel (compared to Google Earth’s 15cm/pixel)
  • 3D contours
  • Digital Surface Models
  • 3D point clouds
  • Video flyover of infrastructure
  • Marketing photography and video

360 Degree Interactive Photo

360 Degree Interactive Photos

Game-Changing Land Surveying Through Unmanned Aerial Systems

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See your site visualized in 3D at a high resolution


Advanced cameras and sensors


FAA certified, fully insured drone pilots


Use our web portal to analyze your site data and take measurments such as volume calculations, cut/fill analysis, surface area, grade changes, and spot grades

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