We Provide a Comprehensive Array of Civil Engineering and Surveying Services.

Whether working on a single-lot project or a large-scale master plan Development, SPACECO serves a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We work closely with other consultants, contractors, municipal staff, reviewing agencies, architects, and other key personnel from feasibility to final engineering, ensuring seamless implementation.

About us


SPACECO, Inc has chosen the slow, steady, grass roots approach to growth. Our focus has been on our clients needs. We have assembled a team that finds business solutions to technical problems. Our growing list of customers have come to appreciate the “client centric” approach. We have grown with our clients to larger, more complex projects that often require an unconventional engineering solution. Our team has consistently delivered an on-time and on-budget product and our reputation in the industry, among both developers and permitting agencies, is second to none.

We appreciate you entrusting SPACECO with your civil engineering and surveying needs.

William B. Loftus, P.E.


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William B. Loftus


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Our organization is unique because we are part of a group of companies called The Burke Group (TBG) who all provide complimentary engineering services. All of these companies headquarters are at one location which gives SPACECO the advantage of having close at hand, a vast amount of experience and expertise in the fields of civil, highway, mechanical, and environmental engineering.


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